Agenda for India: Judiciary presents “Agenda for India”. Series editor is Charu Bahri.

Challenges & Solutions

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“Delay in the delivery of justice is of major concern of every civilized and just society as it amount to ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’ Any inordinate delay in delivering justice is akin to denying justice,” says Professor Tahir Hasan Khan, Dean, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia.

“If a person is jailed, a trial must follow with in a reasonable time in order to determine his/her status pertaining to his/ her offence for which he/she has been jailed. But due to large backlog of cases in lower and higher judiciary, people are languishing behind bars pending their trial or even without trial for a long period. This is happening because the number of cases being filed in courts is increasing exponentially but the number of courts available are insufficient and are not being setup as per the requirements. Our Chief Justice, K.G. Balakrishanan has expressed concern over this state of affairs and has urged the Central Government to establish mobile courts in addition to traditional courts for a speedy trial of cases.”

“The Central Government must take cognizance of this need, that is, for the expansion of the judicial infrastructure. Although efforts are being made in this regard, these measures fall short of what is required.”

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