Thousands took part in PFI’s Freedom Parade in north Kerala

By staff correspondent,

Kozhikode: Nearly 1, 500 activists of the Popular Front of India took part in the Freedom Parade organized in Kannur city in Malabar in northern Kerala. The Parade was held at the Jawahar Municipal Stadium which the PFI called after the name of Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

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The parade began at 10.30 am. P Abdul Hameed, state general secretary of the PFI, received salute of the cadets. Cadets holding the national flag marched in the front. Behind them marched the officers’ cadets followed by troupes with bands. Forty batches, each comprising of 33 cadets, took part in the march along with the band troupes.

Thousands took part in the people’s march that followed the parade. The people raised slogans against Hindutva fascism and imperialism.

E Aboobaker, national president of the Social Democratic Party of India, inaugurated the public meeting held after the parade. He said that the rulers of the country had been betraying the people for the last sixty decades. Muslims had been treated as a vote-bank to keep the Sangh Parivar out of power. Isolating the BJP was not in the best interests of Muslims alone, he said.

Thej Singh, national president of the Ambedkar Samaj Party, was the chief guest. P Abdul Hameed, state general secretary of the PFI, read out the oath and presided over the function. OMA Salam, PFI national secretary, P Abdul Majeed Faisy, state general secretary of the SDPI, PN Muhammed Roshan, PFI state secretary, VT Iqramul Haq, SDPI state secretary, CA Haris, programme convener, KK Hisham, PFI Kannur district president, Dr CK Abdulla, representative of the Qatar India Fraternity Forum, etc attended the function.

The PFI organized Freedom Parade in Idukki, in southern Kerala also.