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Top doctors in Azamgarh are Muslims

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi, TwoCircles.net

Part of the Azamgarh speaks series.

New Delhi: Though just 15% of the population of the district, Muslims of Azamgarh have made their presence strongly felt in the health sector. Top ten doctors of the district are Muslims. They are also running some big hospitals.

One may contest Azamgarh Muslims’ view that the alleged involvement of some of their youths in terrorist activities is just a conspiracy to halt their progress, what is uncontested is that they not only went abroad and earned money and brought prosperity to the town, their youths are getting higher education in Delhi, Aligarh and other cities and most importantly they form the top queue of prominent doctors in Azamgarh. And credit for this goes to Aligarh Muslim University. Most of the present prominent doctors have done medical courses at Aligarh. Some also got education at Lucknow, Kanpur and Varanasi.

Some of them are so popular because of their higher success rate and low or no fee that even a rickshaw puller can take you to them.

Topping the doctors is Dr. Jawed Akhtar, orthopedics. He renders his services at very low fee. Just ask a rickshaw puller and he will take you there exactly. MBBS from Aligarh Dr. Jawed attends 400-500 patients daily. He also runs a 3-storey hospital.

Dr. Imtiaz is the leading cardiologist of the town. MBBS and MD from Aligarh, Dr. Imtiaz is very popular.

Dr Amir Alam is one of the most successful surgeons of the city. MBBS and MS from Aligarh, Dr Alam conducts 15-20 successful operations daily. He also runs 50-bed Poorvanchal Hospital.

Dr Moazzam, MD and MS from Aligarh, is the top eye specialist and surgeon of Azamgarh. He also runs Nazir Moazzam Hospital.

Dr Khursheed, MBBS and MD, is a successful plastic surgeon in a small town of Azamgarh.

Dr Zorar is the leading child specialist. MBBS from BHU, Dr Zorar also runs Nazima Child Care Centre.

Top chest specialist of the town is Dr Syed Shahabuddin. MBBS and MD from Aligarh, he also runs 50-bed Aqsa Hospital.

Among other renowned doctors are Dr Ehtesham, MBBS, MD, Dr Siddique Ejaz Ahmad, MBBS, (in Sarai Meer) and Dr Furqan, a surgeon also MBBS from Aligarh. Inspite of a successful practice, Dr. Furqan is able to take time out for peforming Hajj pilgrimage once every five years.